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3 -  go to a live event you wouldn't normally go to

Stop Shopping and Live Your Life [No.3]

Inspiration and ideas for living, not spending, your life. Please feel free to share these beautiful, fun and inspirational postcards.  I only ask that you share them in their entirety/without any cropping or editing. You can find them all in Living Your Life.


If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail

At a recent creative writing masterclass, we were asked to write about what we would do, or attempt, if we knew we could not fail. Even the question got me scratching my head, before I even considered what my answer might be.  For a start, the concept of failure.  What is failure?  At the very … Continue reading

I love a well told story on screen

I Am Happiest When [No.20]

How do you treat yourself? I’ve discovered that our personal levels of happiness have a lot to do with our relationship to ourselves.  Which begs the question: What is your relationship like to yourself?  Are you good to you?  Are you kind?  Are you generous and supportive? Or are you your own worst enemy?  I … Continue reading

The difference even just one accessory can make

The Power of Accessories

I’ve been pondering a lot about style lately, and what makes a woman stylish. There’s a lot to this question, and ultimately it is a deeply personal one.  What is stylish to me may be garish or dull or crazy to you. But one thing that has struck me is how important the details are.  … Continue reading

2 - be in nature

Stop Shopping and Live Your Life [No.2]

More in this 52-week series of inspiration and ideas of things you can do to add joy, happiness and fulfilment to your life – apart from shopping.  Every Wednesday over the next year, you can be encouraged with a beautiful, fun and inspirational postcard. May these postcards inspire you to live your life – fully, richly, deeply, lightly, … Continue reading

If I don't madly love, love, love it - I admire but don't buy

Why I Buy

I don’t shop so much lately.  Certainly not in comparison to the rate and regularity I was shopping at before I started my year without clothes shopping in mid December 2009. And my shopping has not only changed in terms of how often I shop, but why I shop, when I choose to do so. Good … Continue reading

Jill and Tara

I Am Happiest When [No.19]

It’s been intriguing to notice how I’ve managed my happiness levels, or more broadly my entire emotional state, lately.  Especially when external events are not going to order, or as I would like them to in any given way. We’ve so long been trained into thinking that external events and circumstances determine our happiness.  It’s a direct … Continue reading

Vinnies -mirror and pottery

Charity Store Shopping, Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I shared with you my observations of charity store shopping, in the overall context of non-mainstream shopping. In this, the second and final part of this article, I’m going to share with you the pros and cons of this kind of shopping, and my top tips for making the … Continue reading

1 - Keep Calm and Stop Shopping For

Stop Shopping and Live Your Life [No.1]

Every Wednesday for the next 52 weeks, I’m going to share a whole heap of ideas and inspiration for things you can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into your life…  instead of shopping. I hope you enjoy this new series, and it inspires you to think of your own and other ways to live your … Continue reading

Vinnies -dressed mannequin

Charity Store Shopping, Part 1

The only kind of stores I’m even vaguely interested these days are almost always the non-mainstream kinds.  And sometimes this means they aren’t even stores, but perhaps stalls at the local artisan market. Mainstream shopping environments like big department stores and women’s chain clothing stores usually hold no personal interest for me – I find their … Continue reading


I Am Happiest When [No.18]

I have been learning a lot, primarily about myself, as I’ve been exploring happiness over the last 4 months.  It’s so fascinating when you set yourself up on an experiment like this, the opportunity to learn things, and uncomfortable things, about yourself is huge. I haven’t always liked what I’ve learned about me.  It’s a … Continue reading

woman with shopping bags - compulsive overshopping

Compulsive Shopping 101

It’s rare to find an exquisitely written post about the real emotional journey that is compulsive shopping. And that’s because it isn’t really a pretty journey.  It looks good – all those gorgeous bags with even more gorgeous contents can lead to a delusional sense that a lot of shopping, perhaps even too much shopping, … Continue reading